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How Freddie & Ivy came to be

It has been a strange year indeed. I don't think anyone could have imagined what was to happen at the outset of this year and what is still happening. I had a baby boy, Freddie, my third little boy, in September 2019 and Danielle had a little girl, sister to big brother Arthur, at the outset of the lockdown in March 2020. We had both imagined and planned our maternity leave to be lots of trips out for coffee, shopping and of course the mandatory baby sensory and soft play sessions. It has not turned out quite like that and instead we have both spent much of our maternity leave at home with our children. For both of us, it turned out to be such a special time and more than ever we feel a sense of gratitude for the joy and happiness our little ones bring us every day. It is sometimes easy to forget what you have when you get caught up in the hustle and bustle and stresses of school runs, full time work etc. Having a few months out to pause and just spend time with them having fun and learning together turned out to be a blessing. Those who have been impacted by the virus and are struggling with the lockdown are very much in our thoughts. It has and continues to present different challenges for all.

Danielle and myself are sister's in law and good friends. During the lockdown we would regularly catch up on the phone or the now obligatory teams, and have a good chat, putting the world to rights. One day we were chatting away and we came across the idea for Freddie & Ivy. We have both over the last few years bought lots of gifts for babies and children and whilst there are some lovely gifts out there, we felt there was something missing in the 'luxury for little ones' category. Perhaps we have both gone a bit soft during lockdown but I for one just wanted to wrap and snuggle mine up and make them feel safe and loved. It was this that led us to beautiful bath and bed wear and we both found ourselves very passionate about creating gifts that could be treasured for a lifetime. Freddie & Ivy was born and at the heart of our company is a promise to ourselves and to our customers; that we will only ever include products of the highest quality in our store and that we will personalise each and every one with love and care.

We are launching with our first range; Bathwear inspired by Freddie. Freddie likes his luxury so lots of thick, soft, fluffy white bath wear products (all 100% thick cotton of course!). He is also cheeky and happy and so we wanted to bring some fun into this range.

All products in this range come with the option of applique personalisation from our range of vibrant and beautiful patterns. Hopefully you can find a pattern to match your little one's personality or interests and make the gift truly unique to them. If you cannot then please get in touch and we will see what we can do. Our aim with this range is to make your little ones feel wrapped up with love, and very special indeed. We hope that here at Freddie & Ivy we can provide many babies and children with a treasured gift they can grow up with and enjoy for many years.

So what has Ivy got to say about this.. just watch this space, she is working up her own range which she insists will be just as luxurious but a different, very 'Ivy' style. So keep you eye out for that.

We welcome you to our store in October 2020, a year we will never forget and we hope that you enjoy shopping with us for many years to come.

With all our love and thoughts here at Freddie & Ivy.

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